----Autumn Airsoft Battle 2010----


Date: November 20th, 2010

Hours of Play: 1:00pm-6:00pm



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After Action Report

By Thomas Pawlowski

 We had about 22 people altogether. The same as last time only some of the people were new, 6 altogether as a matter of fact. The owner of the field had done a lot of work since are last battle. He built a three story tower, which was really nice by the way. At this point our games are more just for fun then reenacting.

 The first two battles were just attack and defend the tower. Germans got to defend first then the Allies. Whoever had the tower won coincidentally. It was very hard to take out the tower. The defenders had a great view on everyone attacking from all sides. There were also more defences built around the tower making things even more difficult. The only way to get close was to belly crawl through the taller parts of the grass. I tried this but as soon as I ran out to find cover at one of the defences I was shot down. Overall I'd say we need much, much more squad teamwork. Maybe a training session would help things a bit.

 For the third battle we tried having both teams rush in from either side of the defenses having a sort of face off. One of the sides of the defenses was stronger then the other, so which ever team got the better side of the defenses won for the most part. We restricted using the tower for these battles.

Another new game we tried was a prisoner exchange, which was quite fun.

The owner of the field and his brother provided dinner free of charge, which was very good as always. Overall I had a fun time. Things to improve for the future are team-work, and as always authenticity.


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