We are a group of people interested in the Second World War. We take our interests to a larger level than most. We dress up in the gear and equipment worn 70 years ago during WWII and have mock battles between ourselves. Although our battles don't even come close to what the Second World War was really like, we at least hope to have a small taste of some of the sufferings they had to endure. Of course we mainly do this to have fun, but more importantly we respect and honor the WWII generation and wish to remember and learn more about what they had to live through.


Airsoft is a hobby where a group of people have mock battles against each other. Their are many different styles of playing. Of course ours is WW2 simulation. We use Chinese and Japanese toy weapons that shoot small 6mm plastic pellets. These toy weapons look very real some are made of wood and metal. Hundreds of different kinds are made and Available.


 If you get hit in the eye by an airsoft gun pellet it can cause temporary damage or even permanent blindness. That is why you must wear safety glasses when playing.


When reenacting we get together and dress up in authentic uniforms of past wars. We set up displays showing our gear and weapons and we have mock battles that the public can watch. We obviously do it mainly to have fun but also to inform the public about the History of Warfare and to Honor our veterans. 






We don't support or glorify Nazism nor are we associated with the Nazi political party or it's ideology in anyway. Behavior which supports Nazism is prohibited in our group. We realize the damage and the great evil the Nazis inflicted on the world. We only wish to show history how it really happened.

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