Date: September 21st, 2013

Location: Saline Michigan


After Action Report:

Written by: Thomas Pawlowski

 This was our first battle held on a field other than Mr. Martins. The weather was perfect at 65 degrees and cloudy. Perfect temperature for the uniforms we all wear. The field itself was great. The weeds were tall enough to provide full cover. The forest area worked out well for the battles too. For our first battle we did a Team deathmatch. I got my first kill of the day taking out an airborne troop as he was coming out of the weeds. We called that game while we still had two Americans and five Germans left. For the second battle the Axis had to attack an American position located in the middle of the field. The allies were quickly surrounded and taken out.


For the third battle the allies got to defend again. This time they had to defend the roads going through the woods. They set up blockades for cover. There were only two paths to the American's defenses as the wooded area was mined.


                                                                                                                Road through the wooded area.                


 Eventually the Germans were able to break through despite the Allies best attempts.


The Last battle battle the Germans defended the wooded area like the Allies had previously. We set unlimited respawns with a time limit of 1 hour. Whoever was controlling the defenses at the end won. The Americans won but the Germans claimed they had been told the battle was over thus abandoning the defenses. This allowed the Allies to take it with little trouble.

 Either way it was a fun time. We had a decent turn out with 19 people and 3 new players. We'll definitely be using this field again. We implemented a new spawning rule to keep squads together so we didn't have so many people lone wolfing it. The rule was you couldn't respawn unless there were 4 others guys with you. Since we were doing squads of 4 this kept everyone together. Hope to see everyone there next time and hopefully some new faces. Thanks for coming out everyone! Thanks to my uncle for providing loaner gear to a lot of people! Thanks to the Cherneys for hosting the events! God Bless America.


~Thomas Pawlowski


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