Date: November 9th, 2013

Location: Saline MI

Click Here for Battle Footage

After Action Report:

Written by: Thomas Pawlowski

 Our second battle of the year went ok. We had a decent turn out with about 20 guys. Unfortunately I didn't bring quite enough loaner gear. Everyone got to place none the less, though we had to sacrifice authenticity a bit. The battles became a bit of a mess as no one wanted to agree on what the rules are and what battles to do. There was more debating on that subject then usual for whatever reason. We will definitely have to do pre planned battles next time.

 We tried utilizing Medics again. I was one of the medics though I didn't bring all my German Sani gear. We had the medics act as the only spawn point. Each team got one medic. Unfortunately there was confusion over whether or the players could go to the medics or if the medics had to come to the players. Again an error in communication and planning.

 Over all it was a good time. Got to meet some new people. We had three of the Matrix B.A.R's there which was neat. Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to my Uncle for loaning out gear. Also big Thanks to Jacob and his Parents for letting us use his field.

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