Date: November 7th, 2009 Saturday

Hours of Play: 1:00pm-6:00pm



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After Event Report

Pretty much all the participants of the event arrived a little after noon. We immediately started to ready are Airsoft guns and unpack loaner gear. The first battle started around 1:00pm.

 We had a Deathmatch Capture the Flag game to start out the day. The goal was for each side to eliminate its enemy while trying to capture the flag and bring it to a specific point. Each player only had one life. The First Game came to a stalemate with the Axis on the verge of winning. The Next two battles we played were all capture the flag games where each player was allowed 3 lives. The Germans won the first two games. The 4th game was a Deathmatch. The only goal was to eliminate the enemy. Each team started at opposite ends of the field. Each player got two lives. The Germans at first did very well, pushing almost to the other end of the field. As a sniper I took out about four players and was very sure we would win. Unfortunately I got a bit careless and was taken down by a Sub machinegunner. Two of the US players then flanked the main group of Germans and took almost all of them out. The US then retreated to fortified positions and eventually beat down the rest of the German team, giving the Americans there first and only victory for that day.

 Around 4:30 everyone took a break and ate a delicious chili dinner which was provided for free by the owner of the field Martin Juarez. Although it was getting dark we decided to have one more game before we called it quits. It was somewhat of a mistake as neither sides could see very well in the dark. Despite the challenges the Axis were able to win the last battle.

 Overall the event turned out better then the last. Things were more organized as we knew what to expect. The owner of the field is always improving his property, digging more fox holes, setting up bunkers, barriers, and paths. Everyting looks very promising for the future and are events will continue to improve as time goes on.



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