Date: June 28th, 2014 Saturday

Hours of Play: 12:00am-5:00pm


Click Here for 2009 Battlefootage


After Event Report

 Our first event of the year went over well. It was a smaller turn out. Eleven people attended all together. Probably our smallest event since our first one back in 2009. Regardless smaller events can still be fun. We used a new field by one of our members houses. It was close enough to his house where we could set up on his front lawn and walk over to the field. The field had a lot of cover but most of the brush was tough to travel through. I bet it would work better in the fall or spring when a lot of the growth is down. Despite this the field still worked well. We did mostly death matches with no respawns. The battles went smoother that way. I got 4 kills altogether. It was 4 to 7 the Americans having 7. Later on one of our guys switched to the German team. We did an ambush scenerio where the Americans we to patrol down the road and the German team would set up an ambush. I got to great sniper kills. Can't take full credit as the Americans were knowingly walking right into us. It was fun never the less. Unfortunately we didn't get any photos, however we got a bit of video. Thanks to Bill for hosting and everyone for coming! See you guys next time!

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