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Date: August 28, 2010

Hours of Play: 12:00pm-8:00pm


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After Action Report

By Thomas Pawlowski

 The event went well with more players then we had at our past two, 24 all together. The teams were even 12 vs 12. We are still very short on Germans. Most of the Germans there were loaned uniforms and weapons with the exception of My uncle, his son, and I. Three Germans didn't show up however. Still I am sure we will get more guys as time goes on and uniform authenticity is improving from one event to the next. I am also very grateful to my uncle for providing all the loaner German uniforms and equipment.

The battles went fairly well. Instead of having an all day battle, which we might try in the future, we broke it up into four different segments.

Battle #1: 40 minute spawn fest

Eliminate all enemies before times runs out. Each player has 4 lives. Each team starts on opposite ends of the field. The bunker area is restricted for this battle.

 This battle was the only one that didn't go too well. The reason was there wasn't enough paths cut out in the field for it to be very usable. Hunting the enemy in the tall grass was pretty hard especially considering airsoft guns can't shoot very far before the BB's hit the grass and fall.

 I managed to get one kill though. Another player and I were treading through the tall grass when we heard to amis heading towards us. The grass was so thick I couldn't even see them till they were but 15 feet or so in front of me. I got down thinking I was a dead man however the US player didn't see me. He kept shooting away at the guy behind me. I was just waiting for him to unload on me but he didn't. So I cocked my Kar98 and bam head shot. I was probably a little close considering the FPS of my weapon but I luckily shot him in the helmet so no harm was done.

Battle #2: Take the bunkers in 1/2 hour

The German team starts in the bunker area. The Americans objective is to capture the bunkers. Americans have 8 spawns each Germans have 3 lives each. The German team must hold for 1/2 hour.

 This game went much better. The grass is cleared out by the bunker area so its much easier to play by. I stayed out of the bunkers most of the time not wanting to get trapped inside. We(the Axis) managed to win this game. The allied team attempted to go around are position instead of doing a frontal attack. I managed to spot them and hid in the grass till they literally ran into me. Unfortunately my weapon didn't feed so I misfired. One of them opened up on me but his weapon wasn't loaded. I took my hit anyways though.

 The time limit saved us. I doubt we would have been able to hold another 1/2 hour. From what my fellow comrades told me the bunkers provided pretty good cover, but with the amount of spawns the allies had I don't think we could have made it.

I flanked the allied attack with another guy and managed to get 4 kills almost in a row. I got killed shortly after that, which was my last life.

Battle #3: Take the bunkers in 1/2 hour

This battle was the same as the last battle except this time the American team got to defend.

 This game also went well although we(the Axis) lost  I realized how hard it was to take out the bunkers this time. We pretty much never got even close. The Amis laid a good amount of fire down on us whenever we got close. I took two other guys and tried a path which wasn't visible to the American's positions due to the long grass. I snuck up so I was very close to their positions and took aim at a Paratrooper I saw. Before I could shoot someone called game over. As I came out from hiding I saw a few other guys who had their backs to me. If I had a few more minutes I was confident I could have took them all out with the helmet of my two teammates which had full auto weapons.

Battle #4: Capture the enemy documents

Each team starts on opposite ends of the field. One team is chosen to carry stolen information. Their objective is to go to the other end of the field with the information. The opposing team must kill the player with the documents and acquire them. Team is chosen by coin flip. Death Match no respawns. Bunker area is restricted.

 This game seemed to go off well too. The players seemed to like the document idea for the most part. The Germans ended up being the ones to carry the document. We also won the match to my surprise. The allies pretty much set up positions at the end of the field we were trying to reach and waited to ambush us. I along with two other Germans took a path to the other end of field. Two Americans jumped out and killed me. Fortunately the other German who was with me took them out. He was killed shortly after though. The rest of the game I stayed playing dead. At one point an American came up to check me for the documents but was killed by one of my teammates which was waiting further down the path.

Anyhow the day went well and everyone seemed to be satisfied. We had about 7 new players come out too. Hopefully we'll have another battle in the fall.

See you on the field!


After Action Report

By Harry Yi

I had a lot of fun at this event and it was an improvement from past events. Too bad I forgot about the time change and showed up an hour late . Anyways it was great to see improved kits, and more WWII weapons. Kudos to whoever made the MG42.

The battles were a blast, the one thing I have to say it that during the second battle, the German's re spawned inside their bunkers making it impossible to storm the bunkers unless they all ran out of lives which was impossible in the time allowed. Maybe if both teams got a spawn point, the Germans just being much closer to the fort. Grenades of some sort also would have helped the attacking team as it was very difficult for me to get rounds into the gun slots even with my Cyma M14/M1 garand.

Overall a very nice, non-competitive event that went smoothly. Also an added bonus was Mr. Juarez bringing out his real steel M1 Garand and Carbine and allowing both blank and live rounds to be fired by participants. 


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