Date: August 25th, 2012

Location: Manchester MI

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After Action Report:

Written by: Thomas Pawlowski

 This is our second battle we have had this summer which is a first for us. Last year we only had one skirmish. So I am happy that we’ve already pulled off two this year. We didn’t get the numbers we got last skirmish which was understandable considering kids are going back to school around the 25th of August. We did however get a few new people. The numbers were around 25 people which are enough to have a good time.

 The field was a bit over grown this time. It was playable though and we did a lot of gaming in the wooded area instead of the field to compensate for it. Everyone seems to be enjoying the wooded area which we haven’t really used up to this point. I thought it added a lot to the gaming. It let the players use more tactics as you could actually get far enough away to sneak up on the other team. The tower area is just too small and open to really do much ambushing or things along that line. In conclusion we are definitely going to be using the wooded area more in the future.

 The first battle started at 12:40. We utilized the woods. It was a simple battle. We had the German team come in from the far end of the woods and the Americans come in from the closer end. It was a death match with no spawns. The last two Americans ran out of ammo and we called it a game. My allergies were acting up really bad so I had to sit out this round. Like I said before everyone enjoyed a change of pace from the tower area.

 For the second battle we did an attack and defend game. The Germans had to retrieve a box which was located under the tower while the Americans had to stop them from getting it. This game went a bit quicker than I thought it might. The Germans won without too much of a problem.

 We went back to the wooded area for the third game. Everyone wanted to do another spy battle like we did last time. I wasn’t really prepared to set that up so I decided to do something else instead. We tried this battle a few games ago and it went over ok. We had one German carry a document that the Americans had to find. Every German player had to stay in his place once he was killed until an American was able to go and check them for the documents which had to be located in the top left pocket. The American team wasn’t able to get the documents. The German team ended up pushing them back to the end of the property. The Americans decided to set up and ambush in hopes the Germans would run into it. The Germans lost track of them however and decided to go back to the house and call it a game. I had to go out and find the remaining Americans who were still waiting to ambush the remaining German team. This game didn’t really work out to well as the Americans should have been on the offensive not the defensive. This game still took quite a long time even though there were no spawns.

 For the last battle we did another attack and defend game in the tower area. The allied team got to defend the tower though the top area was not to be used. The defenders got 1 spawns and the attackers got two. This game lasted quite a long time. It ended when the only allies left were stationed in the tower. The Germans laid heavy fire in the bunker along with a lot of grenades but the allies claimed none of them were hit. We ended up calling the game as it was just dragging on too long. I videotaped this round so you can see it whenever I get the footage up.

 All in all the day went ok and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. There were literally no mosquitoes likely because this year has been so dry. It was fairly hot though there was a slight breeze and I’ll just say I’ve been out in worse weather. I had all my weapons in working order for once which I was very happy with.

 Mr. DeBeau generously provided everyone with drinks as well as 3 wall tents for shade. The Pawlowskis helped with snacks and drinks too as well as a few other families. Mr. Juarez provided a free hotdog dinner for everyone as usual too. My uncle generously loaned out his gear to a lot of people which was a great help as always. Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the years that we have been doing this. Again thanks to Mr. Juarez for letting our group use his field and for being so accommodating.

 A lot of the group has pushed more realistic sceneros and I am going to try to work on that for our future battles. Until next time everyone stay healthy in mind, body, and soul!

Sgttom out…………

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