WWII Airsoft Summer Battle 2009(Our First Event)

Date: September 6th, 2009 Sunday

Hours of play: 12:00-6:00



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After Event Review:

By Thomas Pawlowski


 Everyone arrived at the Airsoft battle location around 12:00. The owner of the field Martin Juarez was very kind in letting us use his property and house with very late notice. I got there a bit late and found everyone was setting up defenses in the field. At first I was a bit unsure how the field would work out there being hardly any forested areas. Despite my worries everything passed my expectations.

 All in all we had 5 battles. It began the Axis team had only 4 players while the American team had 9.

 For the first battle the German team was set to defend a fortified position for fairness sake. Quickly taking the enemies position the Allies one the first battle. Unfortunately for the Allies the table soon turned on them. The Germans were set to defend again also getting the help of Jasper and Jeremy, which were kind enough to switch sides and play for the Axis. This time around the Axis sent a player out to flank our position. All of the Allies got pinned down quickly. Many got wounded and were disabled to there position until a Medic could get to them. The Germans were able to easily hold out through that round. Although the US team utterly failed it made us reflect a bit on getting organized and using some kind of tactics.

 Despite us getting some attacking experience in the 3rd round we were set to defending. The Axis team quickly launched their attack. I was hit pretty fast and went to my spawn point. When I came back our position was taken. I learned I had went to the wrong spawn point as we were positioned a new one. Some of the other players also got confused with the change in spawn locations. We were defeated quickly because of that confusion but we were ready to gain victory for the final round. Before the last game the owner Martin graciously provided us with a free hotdog meal that we all enjoyed. After chatting and cooling off we went off to get geared back up for a last round.

 For our last battle we played a capture the flag game. The Axis was set to defending the flag and the Allies had to take it. It turned out this was the longest battle and the Allies won in the end. After many attempts to get the flag the Axis eventually ran low on ammo and batteries when the Americans sprang in. We quickly took the flag and made away to victory. The Germans in a last stand ran out to try to stop us but were quickly stopped by some US troops who stayed back to cover. All in all both teams did well. I'd have to say the Axis did better despite their lack of troops in the beginning. After the battle all the loaner gear was packed up and everyone said their good byes. The last attendees left around 6:30.

It was far from perfect but for our first event it turned out great and we had a blast. We promise our future events will get better and better as we go.

~Thomas Pawlowski




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