--------------------------Battle Overview--------------------------------


Date: August 27th, 2011

Location: Manchester MI

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After Action Report:

Written by: Thomas Pawlowski

 Our family arrived at the field as planned at 11:00am despite some traffic difficulties. We unpacked and waited for everyone to arrive. The first battle started around 1:00. We did an attack and defend skirmish. The American team got to defend despite their higher number of players. One of the player's Thompson started to act up. I missed the first battle as I was helping him fix it so I don't know how it went. The Germans lost the battle though.

 For the 2nd Battle we did the same thing except the Germans got to defend. I am not much of a defense person so I left the fort area to wait in the grass hoping I could catch someone sneaking around. I heard my uncle get somewhere in the grass and I knew they were coming. I could here them talking as they approached. When I saw them on the other side of the grass I popped out and nailed one of them with my K98. The other guy blasted my with an automatic and I was down. After re spawning I went back to try and take my killer down. The American got to cover behind a wall ahead of me. As the bunker behind me laid down covering fire I popped my head out to see if I could get a clear shot. Unfortunately I got hit in the back somehow and I was out for the game. It must have been a stray BB from the other end of the defenses. The Americans did a good job breaking though the defenses. The battle ended in a stalemate with the remaining US team having surrounded the last 3 Germans who were in the tower.

 The next four battles we had either side come in from opposite ends of the tower area. I had a few great moments when I flanked their positions. Unfortunately my K98 wasn't working to well so I didn't really hit anyone a lot of the time. I got ahold of an MP44 at one point and did pretty well with that. Ended up flanking the US position at one point and taking down 3 guys before one of them turned around and nailed me(my little brother).

 For the last battle we did another attack and defend. The German got to defend again. Unfortunately my K98 really started acting up and I had to use an MP40. The bad thing was the MP40 broke down too :(. The Germans won this time non the less :).

 After talking to the players it seems everyone had a great time. We got one new German who came with a full kit which was very impressive at the age of 13.

Some things I'd like to do next time.
1: Get some referees. I trust everyone who plays with us but I think it would help as everyone always complains about hit taking.

2:Make the rest time between battles shorter.

3: Continue to tighten the authenticity

4: Do some video and picture taking myself

5: Get all my weapons in working order ::) ;D.


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