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After Action Report:

Written by: Thomas Pawlowski

 Our first event of the year went over well. More people attended than any other battle we have done before, a total of 30 players. We did 5 different short battles. For the first to we had the Axis and Allies start at the opposite ends of the battlefield. Once the battle started both teams would attack each other. We did a 1 shot one kill battle with no respawns so they ended fairly quickly. The Axis team won both battles despite having less players. The next two battles were attack and defend the tower. The attackers had 1 respawn while the defenders had none. Surprisingly the defenders lost both battles. After that we had a break for sloppy joes and treats which were provided for free by Mr. Juarez. The last battle was a bit more complicated. We placed a Spy on the Axis team. The axis knew there was a spy but they didn’t know who it was. The spy’s objective was to reach the allies without the axis team killing him. The spy made it to the allies while the German team was eliminated later on. I only was able to participate in the last last battle as I was busy working on malfunctioning weapons but I still had fun talking to everyone.

 Overall everyone seemed to enjoy everything. It was in the high 80s temperature wise but there was a slight breeze which helped a lot. Unlike last year there were literally no mosquitoes, which was a very pleasant surprise. Everyone chipped in with the beverages which I am grateful for. One of our member’s father was very kind and brought some tents which provided a good amount of shade for everyone in between the battles.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Special thanks to Mr. Juarez, my Uncle David Pawlowski, Mr. DeBeau, and Matt Lindeman!

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